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New Single Ronit Shachar - mixes Pausa

"This is not America," the new single Ronit Shachar out these days harbinger of her new album. Mix the song was performed Pausa Recording Studios. Music producer (...)

"Five" - ​​Yigal Allon - song and clip tribute to Meir Banai

"Changing Colors" is an album designer for us, marked a significant milestone. Is part of those masterpieces set the course of our lives for us in the work. The decision of (...)

5 web videos for Birthright

Another joint project with the CJP (Jewish Federation of Greater Boston). A series of videos for Birthright. All of Israel's most beautiful side in 20 seconds.

"True pioneers" - a new feature film that we produced the Visitor Information Center of Degania

Degania - Israel's first kibbutz was founded by a courageous group of men and women including young people. The story of the gang told and retold many angles. We (...)

Singer Jesse Ribot Minister for Public Golan

Certified Golan was diagnosed with leukemia. His parents, residents of the Golan Heights are forced to divide their days between their home and Schneider Hospital in Petach Tikvah. Utilities Association (...)

Image Film Safed

The film presents the various facets of Safed. Our new film brings together Jews, History, Israel, past, present and future. We produced a film city of Safed, which connects the elements (...)

An article about the festival "Sukkot of Creation" - Maor Cohen and other performances

Creation of the Sukkot festival - artists will open their homes in the Golan, held last week, Sunday and Monday sukkOT. The festival is produced by the Department of Culture of (...)

Yossi Fine, furrow sides and everything in between

New EP album the young singer furrow sides. At 16 he came in to the studio for the first time and played all the instruments on the first single has been produced by us (...)

Production of Image Films (Article)

Production of promotional videos is a task that should be left to the professionals only. Perhaps the idea of ​​a promotional film seems simple side, as something that can make a (...)

Local newspaper "Friday the Golan Heights" - wrote the show 40 village carob

40th anniversary show carob village rose 11.09.2014. The show was attended by over 90 people members of the community: adults, children and adolescents. The local newspaper "Ishai Golan" published (...)

Amateur Theater Pausa

Pause amateur theater group has been around for 8 years. I started the group a short time after the birth of my first child, and in many ways the precious group of people that makes up the (...)

The play "tough love" Gan Yavne

The play "tough love" (by Motti Lerner), was raised last Thursday in Gan Yavne culture. The play confronts the audience with Hanna, an ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim woman, and deer, (...)

Medical Center Fdh- fertile promotional film

Two promotional videos fertile cashed Medical Center. Films produced medical center cashed-fertile and center for mother and newborn. Director: Yigal Ohana / Ira Belsky Artistic Director: Yigal Ohana Screenplay: cedar (...)

The game of life - amateur theater Pausa 2013

Pause amateur theater group presenting year-end kicking and biting. Adapted and directed by Ronit Ohana. Players: February Laban, Arnon Baram, Deanna Burns, Adi close, light (...)

Love is difficult to show the local newspaper "steam roller"

Tough love on stage 01/17/2012 - 21:41 Last week, appeared in the Theater "pause" the Herzliya Ensemble Theater, with a performance of "tough love". Despite the rainy weather, a crowd (...)

The House on Israel

ההצגה "הבית ברחוב ישראלי" של התיאטרון הקהילתי בקצרין (יולי 2012). כתיבת קטעי קישור, בימוי והדרכת שחקנים: רונית אוחנה מתיאטרון פאוזה. הצגה מרתקת, משעשעת ונוקבת, על(...)

מופע 40 שנה לכפר חרוב

מופע 40 שנה לכפר חרוב עלה ב11.9.2014 המופע הופק אמנותית ע"י פאוזה בית הפקות (כתיבה, בימוי, מוסיקה, כוריאוגרפיה, סרטים המשולבים במופע, הקלטות אולפן,(...)

מופע 40 שנה לכפר חרוב – תגובות…

ואוו!!! נותרתי ללא מילים )ומי שמכיר אותי יודע שזה נדיר(! מופע מרהיב, מושקע, מצחיק, מקצועי ומיוחד! צחקתי עד דמעות, התרגשתי עד דמעות והיינו מהופנטות(...)

תיאטרון חובבים פאוזה פותח שנה חדשה

תיאטרון החובבים של פאוזה בית הפקות החל את פעילותו זו השנה התשיעית. הקבוצה מונה 12 משתתפים המגיעים אחת לשבוע ומתנסים במגוון רחב של תרגילי(...)

"המקפצה" – מופע הסיום של חוג החובבים שלנו

"המקפצה"... עוד שנה מוצלחת בתיאטרון החובבים של פאוזה הסתיימה, והקבוצה המופלאה עלתה לערב בלתי נשכח מול הקהל שנהנה מכל רגע.  צחוק ודמע התערבבו להם יחדיו(...)


Our studio theater carob pause operates in the Golan Heights village, wide receiver and renovated in the heart of town overlooking the picturesque and beautiful. Various activities are held at the theater (...)


Huge performances | Multimedia performances Pausa specialized in producing theater performances decade and holiday towns and communities. Faked wrote and produced to date over one hundred stage performances all (...)

Business - Theater

Workshops for companies | Directed corporate events Pausa Theater offers a variety of workshops to companies and enterprises. The workshops include active Directive, simulations content presented by professional actors (...)


Classes | Workshops for amateur | Intensive workshops Pausa Theater amateur players holding classes on an annual basis, theater workshops concentrated and depth, and one-time workshops varied. The workshops available (...)


Theater | Reading Theater Theater Pausa offers quality performances, theater sessions and reading various improvisation evenings. Our performances are based on high quality materials from classical theater, the (...)

Recording Studio North

אולפן הקלטות בצפון | פאוזה אולפני הקלטה אולפן ההקלטות שלנו בצפון נותן את ההזדמנות לכל אדם לבטא את עצמו בשירה ומוסיקה - מקצוענים(...)

Subterranean Masquerade – Vagabond – Album Review

International magazine review the new album by metal band Subterranean Masquerade recorded in our studio Pausa production house. The album is the product of (...)

Promotional film for the Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Wall Heritage Foundation invites all residents of Israel's religious and secular to come and get to know Jerusalem is broad. We were invited to make the film that will lead to the (...)

On-line services - Mix and mastering increases

Mix | Mastering | Recording "trekking" On the complex remote LINE Pausa production house you can enjoy our professional services without leaving home. Recording Services (...)

Noa Deutsch - Debut Album

Noa's debut album was recorded during Deutsch year and a half Pausa production house. Our recording studio recorded the best musicians various channels merging into the end of the (...)

Extra Pausa

Little wind | Promoting artists little wind we Pausa production house already know that as a studio in nature to improve the creative process. We chose to build our studio (...)

Film and Television - Post-Production

Post-Production | Music Television and film production house pause provides sound design for film and television. Post-production process we treat all elements of the film's sound: dialogue, (...)

"What you ask," the first single Noa Deutsch

"What you ask," the first single Noa Deutsch. Production and recordings were made Pausa production house. Music producer and arranger: Alon Ohana

Recorded new album - Gitl

The singer Gitl Schwartz taping Pausa Recording Studios. The musical production is responsible for Alon Ohana - Musician our house.

Increasing - a new song to make a rock

Following a rock, an original song written on the line between a child soldier. The song was recorded during an entire weekend of our studio in the village of carob. Words and music: (...)

Environment and scenery - wild recorders

Pausa Recording Studio Productions is located on a cliff overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee and the valley. Breathtaking view expands the heart and the level of creativity. Make good music here (...)

Wrote Yossi Ahersonsky - "light" Nira Sapir Pinsky

Wrote B"hrsonski Music "on the single" Light "performed by Nira Sapir Pinsky. The single was recorded and produced music Pausa house productions (music producer Alon Ohana) article, click here.

Musical Production business (Article)

Musical production businesses allows them to create radio jingles or special tunes them can be heard on various occasions, for example when waiting on line. Every business (...)

The House of Wheels Association recording a song

The association wheels turned to us and asked to record a song in collaboration with patients and staff association, as part of a trip held in the north. Of course we have faced and the opportunity We were very happy to host (...)

Recording vocals for the new album of Subterranean Masquerade

In the midst of the week recording vocals exciting new album of Subterranean Masquerade. With Tomer Pink and Keitel, who came especially from Norway far. Performance rare album crazy way ...

MAKO wrote in the "crazy world" of Eastern Hadas

MAKO wrote in the song and music video "Crazy World" singer Hadas Oriental recorded Pausa production house. The clip received within a few days tens of thousands of views (...)

Stock feature film for the Visitors Center of Degania

After long years of preparation and excitement, finally we filmed this week for two days of fun photos, for a feature film to the visitor center of Degania. The film (...)

New Camera House Productions landed Pausa

Camera Blackmagic Design URSA first 4.6K Israel landed Pausa production house, as part of the attempt to steady the forefront of technology and creativity. exciting...

How to make a movie? Tips series - "idea" (Article)

How to make a movie? (A series of tips) - "concept" Choosing the idea (concept of carrier) is the first and most important film's production process. When we approach a project consisting of (...)

Image Film Discovery Project

During the summer we filmed the project throughout Israel. And now finally, we are proud to present the final result .... a promotional film for Birthright makes you (...)

Y-Team 2016 - Yeruham Robotics Group

Robotics group Y-TEAM Yeruham participates every year in the international competition in robotics FTC. The group is scheduled within a month to build a robot according to the requirements of the competition. In honor of the competition (...)

Negev Conference 2016

The film entitled "The Negev is already here", and it shows the developments in various areas of the Negev in recent years. The conference was attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin (...)

"Unrealistic" - a comic film festival in the Kishon River Haifa Nir Friedman

We produced a short feature film comic actor Nir Friedman describes the work of the Authority. The film was produced for the Haifa Film Festival in 2014 and screened during the festival. coordinator(...)

Galilee numbers - film light traffic

OR Movement aims to encourage and develop the Galilee and the Negev. Towards this Conference Housing Minister Yoav Galant, and other senior officials, we produced a film telling (...)

Thanks from SGC - Animation

Maor Elimelech from SGC writes us that Yigal and the pause expensive! We were pleased to work with you, thank you for the professionalism, patience and creativity much for taking the course of the project. We will be happy to cooperate (...)

Image Film Kibbutz Afik

Here is a new image film we produced for Kibbutz Afik for anyone interested in the transition Heights. Worth coming to check ... Https://

Image movie Foreign Relations Department Tel Hai College

Two days long and exhausting (but fun and exhaustive) of filming a new image that we produce for Tel Hai College. Now enter the decisive phase of the edits. Some(...)

Tape for Medical Faculty in Safed

Medical Faculty in Safed was established to bring North doctors and students that will improve the health care system periphery. We Pausa production house we have produced a promotional film which will help (...)

Promotional films - Positive Marketing (Article)

If you want your business positively marketing, promotional videos are the best solution! They are light and rhythmic, and therefore fail to convey the message to the target audience. Consumers (...)

Promotional Films animation

Image animation films have become very popular in recent times, due to the lightness with which one can convey. Any business that wants to market itself to its target audience, (...)

The main film Galilee Conference 2015

After a week and a half mad, Galilee was presented yesterday at the main film we produced the conference, in the presence of the Prime Minister, ministers and mayors from the north. The film presents the innovations Galilee (...)

Ministry of Environment - scattering "crux" of the cloth

Israel presses produce excellent oil, but also liquid waste that must be disposed of them. Environmental Protection Agency has been working for 18 years to regulate solution to the issue "futile". Office (...)

The main reasons for producing a promotional film (Article)

The main reasons for producing a promotional film or produce a number of promotional videos Company (or film product) We live in a very competitive, so it is clear that today all (...)

Arik Zeevi Internet advertising in "Country"

Advertisement Channel 2 for "Network Country" starring Arik Ze'evi. Advertising agency: Abraham. Produced by pause production house. Director: Yigal Ohana Photographer: Ira Belsky Editor: Ira Belsky, Yigal Ohana Ministry of (...)

Technology - pause recording studios

Our equipment | Behind the railings years we collect quality equipment from around the world. Arsenal equipment including microphone amplifiers (Peamps) are considered unique to the recording industry standard, (...)

Production of promotional films in medicine (Article)

In a world of technology is impossible not to feel the impact of technology in every field, so even in the medical world today we see greater use methods (...)

Secret pottery - a historical feature film Visitors Center

"The secret of pottery" is a historical feature film produced for the Visitor Center Studio retirement. The film depicts the evolution of pottery during the 8000 years since discovered (...)

Image Film Tel Hai Academic College

Lovely image film we produced for Tel Hai College. The film will be used for the External Relations Department in favor of fundraising. And the marketing department is in favor of encouraging students (...)

Campaign Premiership football broadcasts - "Fair Game"

A series of commercials produced by pause production house for the campaign "Play Fair" of the Football Association. The campaign is calling international actors, judges and football fans behave with respect and fairness. Adverts (...)

"Magazine" with approved Kotler - An article on Food Center

Channel 10 broadcast a story about Yarka food center in the "magazine with approved Kotler". A large part photography piece taken from the film we produced for the food center ... Channel Press article (...)

Producing promotional videos for marketing right (Article)

Competitive business world you can not expect your venture, your business or develop a new product that you could succeed to capture the market just like that, (...)

Animation studio (Article)

Has always been necessary for us to visualize different things. Whether it was the medical procedures and whether it was the desire to convince the (...)

Promotional film showcase that generates quality and efficiency of business

Anyone who runs a business has always asks himself how he can reach more customers. How can you convince customers to turn specifically to you and (...)

Animation (Article)

If you have a product you want to promote a business you want to sell or you want to deliver training on a particular subject, there is no doubt that with animation (...)

The word "production" in the context of corporate films (Article)

Many more businesses now realize that they have a film or film product image to promote their business online. But the question is how (...)

Interview with CEO Yigal Ohana House Productions pause

About a month ago gave CEO Pause Home Productions (Yigal Ohana) lecture at the Interdisciplinary Center. The lecture was intended for members of the Entrepreneurship Center and is focusing on producing promotional films. Following (...)

Bar Ilan University celebrates 60th anniversary

Bar Ilan University celebrated its 60th anniversary this week. We were called to the flag to make a film for a festival, summarizing six decades of success. The film was produced in English and Hebrew for All (...)

Image Film and information program "Mtzoingb"

Mtzoingb program operated by the Ministry of Development of Negev and Galilee, and includes communities throughout the Negev. The program runs programs of excellence in various fields for each community. And aims to make (...)

The film "Wipe movement" Open the Negev Conference 6th Avenue

Watch the movie "Wipe movement" and meet the Negev renewed ... The film was produced and directed by "Pausa production house" was screened yesterday in the Negev Conference Sixth presence of President (...)

Photos around the northern Galilee Conference

Pictures of photographs in the North, for the film at the Galilee Conference. A lot of snow ... anamorphic film displayed on the screen of 12 meters and shows the beauty of the Galilee

Movie recruitment - Food Center of Nazareth

Movie recruitment for the new branch of Nazareth "Food Center - Yarka". This is one of the most impressive business ventures that exist here - Europe, Israel! The film was produced (...)

Filming food center

Photography promotional film for "food center". Anyone who was not there to get to the craziest and shopping giant country. The film is produced by pause production house for (...)

Film honor of visiting Prime Minister of Canada Hula Valley

Government of Canada supports projects throughout Israel. Among other things, Canada's prime minister came to inaugurate the construction of a new birding center Hula Valley. The center will be funded and sponsored by (...)

Animated Movie Nature Protection Society

Watch the animated film we produced for the "Society for the Protection of Nature" was screened yesterday to members of the government and Knesset members Ad Conference in Nature and the Environment.

Two pre-army movie maker and project seedlings

Both beautiful and special films we have produced recently for pre-military Strait project for seedlings affiliates. Both films were written, directed, filmed and produced by a team of (...)

Filming Mati Golan

Photography promotional film for Matti Golan. The film is produced by Pausa house productions will premiere during the conference Heights businesses.

Promotional films - your way to success (publications)

Promotional films have long ago become an essential product for any business entity who wants to put himself on the map. Promotional films offer a wide range of (...)

Israel Film Council Meeting

Israeli Film Council held a special meeting on the subject of cinema periphery, the presence of the council members, heads of film funds in the country and members of the Forum that form a cylinder. Yigal Ohana Pausa a (...)

Recording Studio Equipment List

Console: NEVE 8816   Monitoring: ADAM - P11A Yamaha NS-10 Signal – Control Room Box   Outboard Gear: Telefunken 672 Dual preamp TL Audio PA-1 Dual Tube pramp (Classic series) John Hardey M1 Dual(...)

Theater Workshop

Theater and improvisation workshops inviting participants to our experiential, individual and group, formulates funny and creative. An opportunity to discover and expose the other face of our venture, become confused, take (...)

Movie Galilee Conference 2013

Watch the movie in question us to develop the Galilee Conference 2013 film was shown on a giant LED screen of 12-meter high resolution optimized for the movie (...)

Improvisation Workshop

Improvisation is basically the overall operation creating a new thing without prior planning. Improv (improvisation in Hebrew) is a thing that happens spontaneously, without forethought, and that (...)

Promotional films

Promotional films are an essential tool for any business entity who wants to put himself on the map. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a promotional film worth (...)
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