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  • The Pausa Production House recording studio is a high-end recording studio, built and equipped according to international standards. 

    The compound offers a variety of audio services: album production, remote recording services (with an amazing drum room), jingles and musical editing, next to musical production for every project.


    The studio is located in Kfar Haruv at the southern region of the Golan Heights, at the top of a cliff, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and a breathtaking view. This unique location allows the artist to enjoy the process of creating and recording without the burdens of everyday life. You can book a guest room in the resorts in the area (at all price levels) and walk to the studio.

    The people behind the brand
    Yigal Ohanna

    Yigal is the owner of Pausa Production House. He's willing to lend his ears to any production. A recording engineer with many years of experience. Yigal has served as the artistic producer of many projects, being involved in every aspect from the initial concept to the recording and mixing.




    The work we do is simple


    First of all, we record at the highest quality! In Pausa Production House you will find the best preamps (Chandler, John Hardy, TL Audio, Telefunken) next to excellent audio processors (Distressor, Pultec EQ, Waves L2, Summit Audio, and more…)


    Mixing can be done in the box, with top-notch processors (UAD, TC PowerCore, Waves and more) and for those of you who like the analogue touch we also have a Neve 8816 Summing Mixer. In the recording room you will find the finest microphones and many musical instruments.

    • Music

      Musical production  ו  Concept


      The Pausa Production House recording studio is home for the best musical producers in Israel. Our producers have worked with artists such as Ronit Shahar, David D'or, Habrera Hativeet, Noa Deutsch, Mei Feingold, DISIAC, and many more… it doesn't matter what's your musical style – rock, pop, progressive, hip hop, electric, or Middle Eastern - in Pausa Production House we will provide you with the musical producer that suits you best.


      The production process starts with finding the musical concept for the album, picking the right songs, working on lyrics, musical arrangement, choosing the players, programming, guiding the artist in the studio with recording vocals and interpretation, and everything else it might entail.


      We provide full production services from the initial raw materials to the master level. 

    • The studio

      Recording ו mixing ו mastering


      Pausa Recording Studio  was designed and built for recording music at the highest quality. The studio is built and equipped according to international standards of acoustic design and equipment. The studio was acoustically designed starting with the outside casing (heavy construction), through the distribution of space according to select modules, and ending with careful acoustics in the recording and control rooms. All of the acoustic elements were imported from the US.


      * Recording services by skilled engineers.

      * Equipment for a variety of complex recordings (an outboard packed with goodness).

      * MIDI productions.

      * Mixing services.

      * Mastering services.

      * Post-production for film and television.

    • Business

      Services for companies, businesses & special projects



      Pausa Production House provides advanced audio services for the business sector:


      Audio branding:

      Building an audio concept that integrates with the organization's image. 

      The bundle includes: producing a unique jingle for the company, as well as recording an Interactive voice response (IVR) system in a wide variety of languages.


      Special projects:

      We perform special projects in the professional audio field for international companies. Among others, we were selected to execute a huge project for global Apple. 

      Other clients include: Bank Leumi, Visa CAL, Israel Football Association, Israel Teachers' Union, Tiny Love and more…

    • Film and TV

      Post-production and music for television and film



      Pausa Production House provides sound design services for television and film.

      In the post-production process we handle all of the film's audio components: dialogues, foley, sound effects and mixing.


      We also offer original soundtrack composition for films, TV series, title sequences, trailers etc.

    • Online services

      Remote mixing, mastering & recording


      Welcome to Pausa Production House's Online Complex. Here you can enjoy our professional services without even leaving your home.


      How would you like to have your drum tracks recorded by the best drummers? What about bass, guitars and keys?


      Recorded a song and want to have it mixed in a professional studio? You need a "track improvement" service?


      Mastering is the final link in the chain of producing a song/album and therefore it is crucial to perform it precisely and professionally. 


      All you have to do is send us your song/Project (Cubase/Protools), fill a short questionnaire, and wait for the results that will blow your mind!  

    • Technology

      Behind the machines


      We've been collecting high-end equipment for our Recording studio from all over the world for years. Our arsenal includes unique preamps that have been an industry standard since the Beatles recording sessions, compressors and razor-sharp equalizers. 

      The signal flow chain begins with top notch microphones recorded through a preamp into a Lynx card that performs perfect digital conversion. On the computer we work with Cubase/Protools and DSP cards loaded with goodness. The signal eventually goes through a NEVE summing mixer that provides depth that only the most professional studios can offer. 

      This system is orchestrated by our engineers who know how to capture an instrument out of great love for music and for their trade. 

      All of this abundance can be at your disposal, so let's make music. 

      view our updated equipment list…

    • Extra services

      Something for the soul and artist promotion


      Something for the soul

      there's nothing like having a Recording studio in the great outdoors to improve the creative process. We decided to establish our studio in one of the most beautiful regions in Israel, at the top of a cliff, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and surrounded by fruit trees, in order to let people shed off from the burdens of everyday life completely. 

      You can enjoy rural accommodations, breakfast and leisure activities in the evening that include off-road vehicle riding, night swimming in the Sea of Galilee and massages…


      Promotion bundles

      we offer an all-in-one bundle that includes promotion, public relations services, guidance and overall consulting, graphic designs, CD pressing and merchandise, advertising and promotion on social media.