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  • Our compound

    We run two well-equipped video studios at the Pausa Compound. The studios use full Adobe CC collection as well as Edius & Davinci software.

    The compound is located inside an orchard and offers visitors a waiting room, kitchenette, conversion areas and a breathtaking view overlooking the Sea of Galilee.



    What else?

    Pausa's studio compound also includes a professional recording studio. The studio is built and equipped according to international standards and provides audio, music and post-production sound services to all of the films we produce as well as to outside clients.


    Our computer systems are synched on the same server, which allows optimal utilization of time and system resources, as well as the ideal integration between video and audio.



    And now for some content...

    The folks at Pausa Production House have been creating content for 25 years, and we're always looking for new talents to go on an exciting new artistic journey with. We offer filmmakers help with editing scripting, working on concepts, applying to funds and artistic consultation. 

    Pausa Production House is a company that produces films and develops creative and visual content in different fields, using the most modern and innovative filming technologies. We produce commercials, corporate films and instructional videos for business bodies and institutes, as well as artistic projects such as feature films and documentaries. The entire production undergoes a structured artistic and technical process, from the initial idea behind the script to the final shot in the editing room.

    The people behind the brand
    Yigal Ohanna

    Owner and creative director. Written and directed dozens of commercials, corporate films, documentaries, feature films and music videos.



    • Business

      Corporate films  ו  Product videos  ו  Instructional videos


      Pausa Production House offers a wide variety of services for businesses and institutions. We specialize in producing corporate videos, instructional videos, marketing presentations and exhibition videos.


      We have developed a unique workflow that starts with an in-depth interview with the client, which allows us to define the client's needs and goals with the utmost precision. We then dive into the creative stage, which ultimately leads to the presentation of our artistic concept.


      We work meticulously on producing a product that serves the client's goals while providing an exciting and enjoyable viewing experience.




    • Original productions

      Feature films  ו  Documentaries  ו  Television series


      We at Pausa Production House create original content, short films and documentaries.


      Among these projects:


      "Cracks" (drama / 48 Hours Festival 2012 / Directed by Yigal Ohanna).


      "The Fifth Commandment" (documentary / Doc Challenge Festival 2013 / Directed by Yigal Ohanna).


      "The Three Houses" (documentary / the story of Tiberias during the early 20th century / directed by Yigal Ohanna).


      "Aharon Amram" (documentary / musical / the life of creator Aharon Amram / directed by Yigal Ohanna).

    • Advertising

      Ads  ו  Sponsorships  ו  Viral marketing

      The advertising field perfectly combines all of our favorite aspects from the world of cinema. Creative work, performed over a short period of time, which produces a product with real world results for the client.

      Pausa Production House produces TV commercials and sponsorships, pre-rolls for online media and viral videos for social networks.





    • Art

      Video art  ו  Music videos   ו  Visitor centers


      Music videos

      A music video is a film for all intents and purposes. The song is the core of the video's concept. It gives birth to a new visual story. The story is translated into a script and then goes into the production and shooting stage.


      Each of our music videos undergoes a long process of conceptual creation, using the most advanced tools in the industry.



      Video art and visitor centers

      Producing unique videos for visitor centers, performance videos and visual content integrated into stage productions.

    • Media

      Media advertising and online advertising


      We offer our clients content broadcasting and advertising packages that complement the production process.


      The best broadcasting slots on the commercial channels (Channel 2 and Channel 10), content advertising on designated television channels, targeted advertising on websites, pre-rolls on YouTube and more…


      Pausa Production House's clients benefit from a company that incorporates production, creation and distribution of the highest quality.




    • Technology

      Concept and equipment list


      Technical concept:

      Pausa Production House's technical concept is derived from our favorite look, which is the look of cinema shot on film.


      Our equipment has been carefully selected according to this visual concept and is meant to serve it. Our cameras are based on large sensors (35mm), which allows artistic control with the depth of field we aim for. The lights and other accessories also serve this concept. We believe that high-quality well-maintained equipment is a key player in the process of artistic creation.


      Partial equipment list:

      Cameras: Red One 4K, Panasonic AF-100 / lenses: Zeiss 35+50 / Canon 50+100 / Samyang 14mm...  / Monitors: LCD & CRT / Lighting: tungsten & day lights, Fresnel, LED lights / Grip: slider dolly, grip stand / Sound: RODE NTG-3 / Sennheiser g3 wireless mics / PSC mixer